Wee Wear the Crowns

Wee The People has launched new workshop series to engage kids in a different kind of radical action: Celebrating Blackness. Wee Wear the Crowns! will take kids of all backgrounds on a journey of Black identity, Black excellence, Black history and Black futures, with interactive storytimes & art-making events grounded in unapologetic black JOY. The series includes:

Haitian Colors, Haitian Heroes: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution
My Hair Is a Galaxy: artist Lorna Simpson
My Name Is Nina: jazz icon Nina Simone
Look at Me, VanderZee!: photgrapher James Vander Zee
No one Owns the Sky: pilot Bessie Coleman
Wee Wear the Crowns: artist Jean-Michel Basquiat
Wee Wear the Crowns: Black Faces, Green Spaces

Identity Crowns and Shields

Collage activity in which kids create crowns and/or shields that reflect, celebrate and elevate their identity, culture, community and hopes for change in the world.

Everywhere and Nowhere

Immigrant and indigenous stories of migration, home, displacement and belonging accompanied by live music and an activity. 

Wee The People: March!

A storytime, sign-making workshop and outdoor march with Jamaica Plain Honk Band. Kids design signs exploring social action and resistance.

Tutus for Batman

Gender identity workshop including theater/puppetry, drag queen storytime, and Popping Stereotypes activity.

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Banner Photo Credit: Wayne Lake

Wee Wear the Crowns


Who Gets to Make History? The Story of Monuments and Statues

What are monuments for? Whose stories do they hold up for celebration? Whose stories do they erase or keep hidden? In this workshop, Wee explore what monuments mean and reimagine how they can celebrate values of community, equity, and justice. Hands-on making for all ages!

What Are Jails For: the Story of Mass Incarceration

Heroes and villains, cops and robbers: From a young age, kids absorb and play out a lot of ideas about safety, danger, crime, and punishment. As they grow older, they then absorb a never-ending narrative of Black and Brown criminality. Disrupting these associations in our kids is critical to protecting Black lives and dismantling the racist system of mass incarceration. In this workshop, kids will learn about activists and champions of human rights who have been jailed, and begin to question assumptions about crime, punishment, and justice.

Wee Got the Jazz: A Celebration of Jazz Music

What is jazz? Where did it come from? Who are its heroes? In this unique interactive workshop, kids will swing, scat, and storytime with a live jazz band. Get ready to improvise, syncopate, and celebrate the genius and soul of Black folk who birthed America's music -- a sound of individual freedom and radical disruption.


(left: illustration by Frank Morrison for Little Melba and Her Big Trombone)

Wear Your Resistance: Exploring Images of Protest

From the raised fist to the peace sign to the simple word "NO," symbols of protest have played a big role in protesting injustice and ushering in change. Learn about different images of resistance then choose one to make a t-shirt of your own.

Wee Wear the Crowns

This new workshop series is designed to engage kids in a different kind of radical action: celebrating Blackness. Wee Wear the Crowns! takes kids of all backgrounds on a journey of Black identity and Black excellence with interactive storytimes and activities grounded in unapologetic black JOY. The series includes:

Above the Rim: NBA pioneer Elgin Baylor

Breaking the Chains: Toussaint Louverture & the Haitian Revolution

Declare Your Independence: Elizabeth Mumbet Freeman

Radiant Child: artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

My Name Is Nina: jazz icon Nina Simone


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 Wee The People can tailor or customize workshops upon request.

Banner photo: Wayne Lake