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Who Gets to Make History?

The Story of Monuments and Statues

What are monuments for? Whose stories do they hold up for celebration? Whose stories do they erase or bury? In this workshop, we explore statues and monuments (famous and not so famous), question what they mean, and reimagine how they can celebrate values of community, equity, and justice. Hands-on making for all ages!

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Water Protectors:

Exploring Indigenous Identity and Climate Change

When kids look at maps of the US, they are taught to see its land and waters in terms of who owns or controls them. But what if there were a different way of seeing these places -- and what if that different way of seeing held the key to protecting our planet? In this interactive workshop, we explore the sacred connection Indigenous peoples have nurtured with water and land for thousands of years.

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What Are Jails For: the Story of Mass Incarceration

Heroes and villains, cops and robbers: From a young age, kids absorb and play out a lot of ideas about safety, danger, crime, and punishment. As they grow older, they then absorb a never-ending narrative of Black criminality. In this workshop, kids will learn to question these assumptions and understand the connection between disrupting these harmful stereotypes and protecting Black lives.


Wear Your Resistance: Exploring Images of Protest

From the raised fist to the peace sign to the simple word "NO," symbols of protest have played a big role in protesting injustice and ushering in change. Learn about different images of resistance then choose one to make a t-shirt of your own.


Wee Wear the Crowns!


This series is designed to engage participants in a different kind of protest action: radical celebration of Blackness. Explore Black identity, expression, and experience through storytelling and art-making grounded in unapologetic black JOY.

Choose from one of the following icons:

* American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat

* Jazz icon Nina Simone

* Freedom fighter Toussaint Louverture & the Haitian Revolution

* NBA pioneer Elgin Baylor

* Juneteenth founder Opal Lee

* The Quilters of Gee's Bend

Wee The People can tailor or customize workshops upon request.

Banner photo: Tess Scheflan

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