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"Wee the People is an amazing and inspiring organization. I have had the pleasure of bring them to my library twice--once for an Everywhere and Nowhere workshop on immigration and once for a Black Lives Matter workshop. I would have them back every week if I could. Tanya and Francie have a magic way of taking very complex subjects and making them accessible to children without watering them down."


-- Celeste Bocchicchio-Chaudhri, parent and Children's Librarian, Boston Public Library

"I have attended several Wee The People events, including Loving Day Cambridge and R Is for Rulebreakers!: Celebrate Protest with Innosanto Nagara. Most recently, Wee The People helped facilitate a Community Conversation About Race at my children’s elementary school. While the grownups gathered in the library, the kids had their own session with Wee The People -- a thought-provoking, interactive, multi-media presentation using slides, art projects, picture books, and guiding discussion questions to engage a large group of young people across a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Wee The People gets kids involved in thinking critically about issues surrounding race and privilege at a child-friendly level – their work is vital, necessary, and appreciated!"

 -- Elissa Gershowitz,  Executive Editor, The Horn Book, Inc.

"Tanya and Francie put so much thought, care, love, and passion into their work. They broach the subjects that many people are afraid to discuss with youth, and they do it in a fun, accessible way. Their work is invaluable. I wish they could be at every school!"


-- Kay Gordon, Program Manager, OUT Metrowest



"My 10 year old participated in Anatomy of a Protest last summer at the Jamaica Plain Porchfest where Wee the People held their Protestival. It was an incredible way to learn - creative, interesting, impactful. We talked about the stages of change for days afterward."


-- Sarae Pacetta, parent and teacher at School for Young Children, Columbus, OH

"We have gone to a few Wee the People workshops, each one amazing! At the most recent one we attended we learned in a meaningful, embodied way about racism, and were graced with the presence of a founding member of the Combahee River Collective, Demita Frazier. I feel so blessed to be able to attend the events Wee the People produce. Everyone should go!"

-- Samara Grossman, parent and social worker, Brigham & Women's Hospital

"My three young kids and I have been regulars at Wee the People events since shortly after Francie and Tanya launched it in 2015. The workshops and marches are creative, engaging, informative, and fun for my kids! Definitely looking forward to more Wee the People events in the future!"


-- Jasmine Lainez, parent and literacy ambassador, Cambridge Book Bike

"Too often we tell young children half truths about racial and political injustice (or avoid the topics altogether). Wee the People tells children the truth. With honest discussion and hands-on art and play, Wee the People respects children's intelligence, sense of fairness, and creative problem solving. At the "Bridges Not Walls" workshop, children walked away having felt sadness and anger about families separated at the border, but also empowered by their ability to break down the wall and build a bridge for families (and themselves) to cross. I cannot stop talking about the experience. Francie Latour and Tanya Nixon-Silberg have an unprecedented gift for education."


-- Kirsten Cappy, director,  I'm Your Neighbor Books 

"Wee the People created a welcoming, safe, celebratory space for kids and families of diverse backgrounds to ask questions, pop stereotypes, and make friends across the gender spectrum. WTP's visionary workshops are highly recommended for Greater Boston's youngest citizens!"

-- Roxanna Myhrum,  Artistic Director, Puppet Showplace Theater

"Often times, (white) grownups will shirk the responsibility of addressing racism with children because they don't think a child can participate in a "difficult conversation" or it is "not developmentally appropriate." Wee The People proves this is not the case. Through thoughtful and expert use of books, activities, conversations, and role play, WTP engages children on their level and creates a space where children can begin to consider and unpack the question, "What is racism?" I can't recommend Wee The People enough!"

-- Liz Phipps-Soeiro,  Director of Library Services, Boston Public Schools

"The [R is for Resistance] workshop on MLK day at the Children’s Museum was interactive, dynamic, and powerful.  I brought my 5 year old daughter who enjoyed the story time and activities. Her understanding of protests was deepened by the activities and she walked away with so many questions that led to valuable conversations between us about race, racism, and how to change and resist unfair rules.

--Ellie Axe, parent and Co-director, Story Starters

"Tanya and Francie are visionary, brilliant, beautiful humans and a joy to work with. I've had the privilege of partnering with Wee the People twice now for two large scale events and I so appreciate the considered, clear, and warm way they operate. My favorite part of partnering with Wee the People is their commitment to and vision for creating spaces that warmly and artfully welcome folks in to explore and grapple with some of the most complex and difficult social issues of our time - racism, xenophobia, gentrification etc. Who knew these topics could be so fun?!?! Wee the People helps us to understand our world - and then helps us understand how to change it!"

-Elena Belle White, Associate Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships, MassArt

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