Black Lives Matter

Join Wee The People for a workshop of kid-powered resistance with our social justice storytime event "Black Lives Matter." Through stories and activities, kids will explore themes of protest and racial justice, taking lessons from the past to understand today’s Movement for Black Lives. 

Bridges Not Walls

Kids will explore themes of crossing borders, building bridges, and tearing down walls with a storytime, activity, and take-home craft.

Changing Neighborhoods: Gentrification

What happens when neighborhoods change due to gentrification? Who ends up on the winning and losing side of those changes? How can kids understand the changes happening around them, and find their own voice to fight for changes that are fair? Come explore the meaning of neighborhood, community, history and equity through stories, activities and games!

Everywhere and Nowhere

What does it mean to belong? What happens when we leave home and all the things that make us who we are? This workshop explores immigrant and indigenous stories of migration, home, displacement and belonging accompanied by live music and an activity. 

R is for Resistance: #ReclaimMLK

Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of love and peace and brotherhood. Yet he was also jailed 29 times in 10 years. How can that be? This workshop guides kids in unlearning and reclaiming the legacy of MLK, and understanding his most important act of love: resistance.

Tutus for Batman

How can we help kids embrace gender diversity, question gender stereotypes, and feel affirmed in their own gender expression? Kids will celebrate and explore gender identity with a storytime, activity, and interactive games. 

What is Racism?

Kids notice a LOT -- including skin color. They sense that it matters, and they have questions about how and why.  Together we will explore how racism isn’t just one thing, but a system with many parts working together. Through activities, kids will learn how they can help disrupt and topple these systems.

(left: illustration by Purple Wong for Milo's Museum)

Whose Trash Is This?

Join Wee The People for a workshop of kid-powered resistance with "Whose Trash is This?" Kids will explore themes of environmental justice -- the fight for clean water, healthy air, and justice for communities that are most affected by pollution and lack of access to natural resources.

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 Wee The People can tailor or customize workshops upon request.