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Everywhere and Nowhere

What does it mean to belong? What does it mean to be indigenous to a place? What happens when the things that make us who we are are left behind -- or taken away? This workshop explores immigrant and indigenous stories of home, migration, displacement, and belonging. 

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How We Get Free:

Understanding the Movement for Black Lives

From Nat Turner's Rebellion to 2020's global protest movement in the wake of George Floyd, the work of making Black lives matter has birthed movements of liberation fueled by Black resistance and White, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian solidarity. This workshop will empower kids of all identities to discover the power of their voice and see themselves in the work of honoring and protecting Black lives. 

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#ReclaimMLK: Love as Radical Resistance

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of love, peace, and brotherhood.

He was also jailed 29 times in 10 years and branded the most dangerous Black man in America. How can that be? This workshop guides kids in unlearning and reclaiming MLK's

legacy: resistance as a radical act of love. 


What Is Racism?

Kids notice a LOT, including skin color. They sense that it matters, and they have questions about how and why. Together we will explore how racism isn’t just one thing, but a problem with many parts working together -- problems that take more than individual kindness to solve. Breaking down the fundamental concepts of skin color, race, racism, and injustice, kids will learn how they can help to notice and disrupt racist systems.