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Who Wee Are

Wee The People was co-founded by racial justice educators Francie Latour and Tanya Nixon-Silberg.



Francie, a mother of three, is a racial justice educator, facilitator, and children's book author whose work focuses on race, culture, and identity. Francie currently serves as Director of the office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Inly School, a Montessori preK - 8 school in Massachusetts. She also leads all Wee The People programming. 

Tanya, mother to a 7 year old daughter, is a racial justice educator, consultant, and puppeteer who created the puppet show production My Night in the Planetarium, an adaptation of the children's book by Innosanto Nagara. Tanya is the founder of the new racial justice project Little Uprisings.

Photo Credit: Wayne Lake

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