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Wee The People can tailor or customize workshops upon request.

Banner photo: Tess Scheflan


Wee Tell the Truth: a Workshop Series for
Ages 8-12

More than ever before, we are seeing the power of children's literature to tackle hard truths about our shared history. Inspired by these picture books, we've developed a series of workshops for kids 8-12: Wee Tell the Truth.


Featuring bold, lyrical storytelling from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creators, these workshops take on subjects like the Tulsa Race Massacre, Native American residential schools, the Stonewall uprising, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and even the racial terrorism of lynching.


This workshop series for kids includes a mini-workshop to support teachers and school leaders before introducing the material to students.


Anatomy of a Protest

Competitive game challenging kids (individually or in teams) to match moments from famous social movements to poster board signs highlighting the six basic stages of social change. 


#Disrupt: The Power of Protest Action 

From polar bear suits to Quinceañeras to mylar blockades. explore different forms of protest action and test your knowledge about traditions of civil disobedience from the past to the present day. 

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Stop. Sit. Resist! 

Performative body movement/stillness workshop in which kids explore the concept of sit-ins and the body in space as a site of protest. 

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