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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Wee the people a non-profit?

No, Wee The People is a sole proprietor educational consultancy.

How much does a Wee The People workshop cost? 

The cost of a workshop depends on a number of factors: the duration of time, number of participants, driving distance, and workshop customization. Please contact us for details.


Do you offer discounts or a sliding scale for workshops? 

We offer a sliding scale for BIPOC- and/or LGBTQIA+ led organizations serving equity-deserving communities.  


How soon are you available?

We are currently booking workshops from June 2024 through February 2025.


How long is a Wee The People workshop? 

Professional development trainings for adults are offered at two, three, or four hours. Workshops for kids in school or library settings typically run between 60-75 minutes; some can be adapted to a 50-minute format. Our drop-in, activity-based workshops can be booked for festivals or other large-scale events for up to four hours.


What ages are your kids' workshops geared towards?

Most of our workshops for kids are geared toward children between ages 5-12. We also offer workshops for middle- and high-school students.


Do you offer school assemblies? 

Currently we offer assemblies to honor Civil Rights Movement icons Martin Luther King Jr. and Ruby Bridges.


Are you available for panels or keynote addresses? 

Yes. Please contact us for more information at 


How can I bring the puppet show My Night in the Planetarium to my community?

To inquire about Planetarium, please contact Wee The People co-founder Tanya Nixon-Silberg through the contact page at You can also contact Planetarium co-writer Sarah Nolen at

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