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About Wee The People

Wee The People (WTP) is a Boston-based social justice project for children ages 4-12. Launched in 2015 by two Black mothers, WTP organizes free, interactive workshops and events that explore activism, resistance, and social action through the visual and performing arts: music, dance/movement, theater, graphic arts, spoken word, and storytelling.


WTP’s curriculum features originally designed, interactive games that tap into kids’ innate love of play to foster learning. Our programming also includes customized small- and large-scale events, such as sign-making meet-ups and street marches, All of our programming feature teach-ins anchored by children’s books that reflect core WTP values: empathy, equity, racial justice, and social justice.


WTP also organizes workshops and training seminars for parents, caregivers, and educators. Our interactive sessions with adults focus on practices and strategies for having difficult conversations with kids, and detecting and disrupting dominant narratives in children’s books.


Through our dynamic, kid-focused model, WTP has produced events engaging children and families around issues including race and racism, Black Lives Matter, Islamophobia, gentrification, environmental justice, immigration, gender identity, women’s rights, and marriage equality.


Partnering with public institutions, community organizations, and Boston-based artists, WTP seeks to create high-impact, celebratory experiences that promote uncomfortable conversations parents often avoid with young children. In a city that is highly segregated, WTP programs bring together kids, parents, and caregivers across race, ethnicity, language, income, faith, zip code, gender, sexual orientation, and age.

Banner Photo: Thato Mwosa

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