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What Are Jails For_ The Story of Mass Incarceration

"As a school leader, I was comforted knowing that Wee The People has the same vision as I do – working towards creating a school where all can be seen authentically and all can thrive. Anti-racist, equity-driven work is exhausting and life-giving at once. Wee The People is a partner par excellence."

Dr. Asa Sevelius, Principal

Heath Elementary School, Brookline, MA


What Is Racism?: A workshop for kids

Skin color is an incredible example of how smart and amazing our bodies are. Human skin contains millions of invisible grains called melanin -- superheroes that help protect our bodies from the sun and give our skin its infinite, glorious shades. When a group of people with very light skin invented a lie about skin color to gain power, they set the world on a course that still shapes our lives today.

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