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"As a school leader, I was comforted knowing that Wee The People has the same vision as I do – working towards creating a school where all can be seen authentically and all can thrive. Anti-racist, equity-driven work is exhausting and life-giving at once. Wee The People is a partner par excellence."

Dr. Asa Sevelius, Principal

Heath Elementary School, Brookline, MA


It's the 4th of July and today is a great day to talk with kids about systemic racism.

Wee know kids understand systems because they understand bicycles. A bicycle is a system: All the parts of a bicycle work together to do one thing.

NO MATTER HOW KIND we are to each other individually, the frame and handle bars and gears and spokes and rims and wheels of racist systems will keep giving UNEARNED advantages to White people, with devastating, unjust impacts for Black people.

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